CDPAC vision and mission

The Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC) is a network of Canada’s major national, provincial and territorial health organizations that have come together around the common cause of promoting healthy living for the prevention of non-communicable diseases.

CDPAC’s mission is to work primarily at the national level to take an integrated, population health approach to influence policies and practices that will help prevent non-communicable diseases.

CDPAC’s vision is that Canadians will be supported by a comprehensive, sufficiently resourced, sustainable, and integrated system of research, surveillance, policies, and programs that promote healthy living for the prevention of non-communicable diseases.

CDPAC is a voluntary, unincorporated round-table alliance of organizations who provide strategic direction and oversight to CDPAC’s shared priorities for action on chronic disease prevention. The chair of the Alliance is Elizabeth Holmes (Canadian Cancer Society). The Alliance members are:

  • Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Arthritis Society
  • BC Healthy Living Alliance
  • Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health
  • Canadian Association of Social Workers
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Men’s Health Foundation
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Diabetes Canada
  • Dietitians of Canada
  • Heart & Stroke
  • The Kidney Foundation of Canada
  • Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance
  • YMCA Canada

CDPAC Alliance Members provide collaborative leadership in relation to setting positions, broad policy, strategic directions, expectations and limitations to authority of staff and work groups, allocation of resources, and reporting requirements.

Each Alliance Member acts as the liaison to their constituents, providing timely information on the activities of CDPAC and facilitating consultation as required to further the mandate of CDPAC. 

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