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Chronic disease is the leading cause of disability in Canada.

Did You Know?



Dietitians of Canada

  • Provides information on food and nutrition. Tips, quizzes, fact sheets, a virtual kitchen and how to find a dietitian are included.


  • June 2013 - Prepared for the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion, Health Canada, in collaboration with a working group of the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Group on Nutrition. The purpose of this report is to improve our understanding of how the food retail environment could promote and support healthy eating. Actions underway in Canada and internationally are explored, including concrete examples of current promising or innovative practices aimed at supporting healthy eating with a focus on grocers. The current state of evidence, inclusive of gaps in evidence, to improve our understanding of how grocers could support healthy eating is also highlighted.

Healthy Eating Toolbox - Eat Well Campaign 

  • Updated! (May 2013) with a new set of fact sheets, including focus-tested messages for planning at home and at the grocery store, as well as a newEat Well web banner, print public service announcement and short video clip to share and use. By using and integrating these messages and resources into our healthy eating activities in a consistent way, we can work together to improve Canadians’ quality of life and overall health.

Nutrition Facts Education Campaign 

  • Nutrition Facts campaign is a groundbreaking collaboration between Health Canada and Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC). The campaign raises awareness as to how Canadians can better use and understand the Nutrition Facts table, specifically the % Daily Value information. Using the % Daily Value is a quick way to know if a packaged food contains a lot or a little of a nutrient. This information helps consumers choose and compare food products. The campaign uses on-package and in-store messaging, national media advertising such as print and television advertising, and an educational website to communicate with Canadians. To date, 34 food companies have joined the effort to provide Canadians with information they need to make informed food choices (view more).

Canada's Food Guide - Health Canada

  • Provides food guidelines for healthy eating for children, teens, men and women. It recommends how much food you need every day and what foods are best for you, and it explains the benefits of eating well.
  • Offers a new tailored food guide adapted to reflect traditions and food choices of First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

A Pan-Canadian Nutrition Strategy Framework for Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention 2005-2015...more

Summary of Nutrition Strategies and Iniatives in Canada and Other Jurisdictions - 2004...more

Synthesis Paper - Nutrition and Healthy Eating Strategies in Canada and Other Jurisdictions - 2004...more