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The cost of chronic disease exceeds $80 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.

Did You Know?

Fall 2016 - Primary Health Care Indicators

Primary Health Care in Canada: Highlights from CIHI’s 2016 Primary Health Care Chartbook and Future Directions

Date: September 26th, 2016

  • Ms. Tanya Khan - Project Lead, Primary Health Care Information, Canadian Institute for Health Information
  • Dr. Ivy Bourgeault - Professor, Telfer School of Management and Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa; Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Chair in Gender, Work and Health Human Resources
  • Dr. Jim Dickinson - Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary and Member, Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care

In April 2016, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released the Primary Health Care in Canada: A Chartbook of Selected Indicator Results, 2016. The Chartbook focuses on the results of 16 of 51 indicators outlined in CIHI’s 2012 Pan-Canadian Primary Health Care Indicator Update Report. The 16 selected indicators have been organized according to relevant domains of CIHI’s Health System Performance Measurement Framework. The Chartbook presents PHC indicator results at the national, provincial and territorial levels, and also provides temporal and age-group analysis where possible.

Tanya Khan from CIHI’s Primary Health Care Information program highlighted indicator results from the PHC Chartbook, discussed their relevance in particular for high-quality care delivery, and reported on how data gaps are being addressed. 

Dr. Bourgeault focused on the health human resource (HHR) considerations arising from the indicators profiled in CIHI’s PHC Chartbook. Her presentation focused on current data gaps in HHR information, the shift to inter-collaborative models of PHC and challenges with current uni-provider indicators, as well as future directions for effective health workforce planning. 

Lastly, Dr. Dickinson presented information on related guidelines from the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care. His presentation also highlighted ongoing Task Force initiatives and their application to clinical practice. 

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