Did You Know?
Chronic diseases account for 65% of all deaths in Canada.
Did You Know?

Lisa Ashley, CDPAC Chair

In January 2016, Lisa Ashley became the new Chair of the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada.

Lisa Ashley is a Senior Nurse Advisor at the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). Her work at CNA includes advocating for healthy public policy that optimizes the role of the registered nurse and nurse practitioner.  As a longstanding Registered Nurse Lisa has worked in leadership positions in home health and public health at the local, provincial and national levels to address health promotion activities, disease prevention and management. She has extensive experience in healthy public policy, program development, corporate funding, organizational planning, financial and information management, mentoring Nursing students, and stakeholder engagement through positions at the CNA, on Board of Directors for provincial and national organizations, and Ottawa Public Health.

Lisa is an Academic Consultant Level 2 for the School of Nursing at the University of Ottawa and an Associate Investigator with the Nursing Best Practice Research Unit. She has published on a variety of topics in national and international peer-reviewed and other journals. In addition to a BScN in community health from Ryerson University and a Master in Education from the University of Ottawa, Lisa has certification in Multiple Intervention Programming, Health Management, and Community Health Nursing.

Lisa’s long term goal is to improve health care in Canada by advocating for a sustainable and equitable health care system. Lisa may be contacted by e-mail at: admin [at]