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Children can see more that 50 fast food commercials on television each month.
Did You Know?

Networks & Groups

National Sugary Drink Reduction Working Group 

A national working group advocating for measures to reduce sugary drink consumption in Canada. Co-led by the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada and the Childhood Obesity Foundation, the National Sugary Drink Reduction Working Group agrees that the Federal government implement an excise tax on SSBs to reduce consumption and to partially recover the health care costs triggered by excessive SSB consumption.

Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition 

A national coalition advocating for restrictions on food and beverage marketing to children and youth is launched February 24th 2016 at the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC) pan-Canadian conference. Co-led by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Childhood Obesity Foundation, the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition says the time has come to protect children and to support parents to make healthy decisions for their families. The coalition has developed the Ottawa Principles, which outline the policy recommendation of restricting commercial marketing of all food and beverages to children and youth 16 and under, with marketing being defined as any means of advertising or promoting products or services. The restrictions would not apply to non-commercial marketing for valid public health education or public awareness campaigns. The Ottawa Principles also include a set of definitions, scope, and principles to guide policy development. More information about the coalition including the Ottawa Principles, and a mechanism for concerned Canadians to send their member of parliament a letter supporting restrictions on food and beverage marketing to kids, is available at the coalition website at