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9.7% of households with children are food insecure as a result of financial challenges faced in accessing adequate food.
Did You Know?

CDPAC Conference 2016 - Conference Objectives

To advance collective progress on integrated chronic disease prevention, CDPAC 2016 aimed to: ƒ 

  • Highlight the significant health, economic, and social benefits that can be achieved through action on chronic disease prevention.
  • Showcase collaborative partnerships across sectors and disciplines, including the private sector, which successfully address inequities related to chronic disease.
  • Raise the profile of exemplary initiatives addressing specific sub-groups of the population that carry a particularly heavy burden of chronic diseases and their risk factors.
  • Provide opportunities for networking, focused dialogue, and the creation of action-oriented linkages across individuals, organizations, strategies and sectors concerned with chronic disease prevention.
  • Encourage all conference delegates to make a commitment to take action, building upon the evidence and insights shared and generated at the conference.