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Only 49% of youth eat fruit and vegetables more than 5 times daily.
Did You Know?

CACO2 Webinar Series - Changing the Food Environment in Community Recreation Settings


As part of the Collaborative Action on Childhood Obesity (CACO2) coalition, CDPAC is collaborating with it's provincial and territorial partners to deliver a 2-part webinar series focusing on the topic of changing food and beverage environments in community recreation settings. 

The purpose of these webinars is to set the stage for action by providing an overview of the contest and evidence from key community recreation food environment initiatives in three provinces, and to spark ideas for action in other jurisdictions by providing an overview of what is currently underway in Canada and a sampling of approaches from a variety of contexts. 

Click below for more information on each webinar, including archived audio-embedded presentations and related resources:

Webinar 1 - "An Overview of Canadian Research Findings from British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia"

Webinar 2 - "Taking Action: A sampling of Canadian Initiatives"