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Chronic disease is the leading cause of disability in Canada.

Did You Know?

CDPAC/PHAC Webinar Series - Evaluating Outcomes of Community Food Actions


CDPAC is collaborating with the Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC) centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and the First Nations and Inuit Branch of Health Canada (HC) to deliver a 2-part webinar series focusing on the topic of evaluating outcomes of community food actions. 

The purpose of these webinars is to engage food security and public health professionals, and community leaders in dialogue and knowledge exchange on food security-related evaluation tools and resources. Specifically, the webinars will highlight a food security evaluation guide entitled, "Evaluating Outcomes of Community Food Actions: A Guide", developed by PHAC, in collaboration with HC.

To register for upcoming webinars, or for detailed webinar information including audio-embedded presentations, click below:

Webinar 1 - "Evaluation of Food Security Initiatives: A Dialogue"

Webinar 2 - "Evaluation of Food Security Initiatives in Aboriginal Communities"