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About 16 million Canadians live with a chronic disease.

Did You Know?

Background Papers

CDPAC prepares background papers in order to gather the information relating to specific subjects. The reports currently available are:

The Status and Impance of Provincial/Territorial Recoveries of the National Child Benefit Supplement (August 2007) The purpose of this paper is to highlight the current status of the recovery of the federal National Child Benefit by provincial and territorial governments and assess the health impact...more

Background Paper: Marketing and Advertising to Children (February 2006) was developed to summarize recent scientific studies, reviews and policy discussion on the relationship between food and beverage marketing and the escalating problem of childhood obesity...more

Background Paper: National Scan of Actions to Address the Relationship between Build Environments, Physical Activity and Obesity (May 2006) CDPAC Steering Committee noted the growing body of literature that acknolwedges the dramatic increase in rates of overweight and obesity in Canada ...more

Knowledge exchange in Health Promotion: Theoretical Models and Examples (March 2007) This report discusses key theoretical models and practical examples of relevance to knowledge exchange aimed at capacity building and effectiveness in health promotion and chronic disease prevention...more

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Strategies in Canada and Other Jurisdictions - 2004 (April 2005) This report synthesizes healthy eating and chronic disease strategies from Canada and elsewhere, identifies lessons learned in developing and implementing these plans, and makes recommendations for a Pan-Canadian Nutrition Strategy Framework for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention....more


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