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Did You Know?

UN High-Level Non-Communicable Diseases Summit, September 2011


UN High-Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in New York City, New York, 19-20 September 2011

Before the Summit

  • Canada's Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Health and Health Promotion/Healthy living Declaration on Prevention and Promotion, September 2010...more
  • High-Level Regional Consultation of the Americas against NCDs and Obesity in Mexico City, Mexico, 24-25 February 2011...more
    • Mexico Ministerial Declaration for Prevention and Control of NCDs, 2 February 2011...more
  • First Global Ministerial Conference on Healthy Lifestyles and Noncommunicable Disease Control in Moscow, Russia, 28-29 April 2011...more
    • Moscow Declaration Preamble...more

During the Summit

  • CDPAC's participation as part of a select Canadian delegation at the UN NCD Summit...more
  • Information about the UN Non-Communicable Diseases Summit, September 2011...more

After the Summit

  • What's happened since?...more

WHO Video: Unite in the Fight Against NCDs