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Children can see more that 50 fast food commercials on television each month.
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Information on our upcoming and past webinars can be found below, including presentation materials and podcasts. 

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Current Webinars:

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Past Webinars:

CDPAC/PHAC 2016-2017 Webinar Series

  •  A series of webinars focusing a range of topics in chronic disease prevention.
  • The accurate and effective use of Canada’s monitoring data hinges on a clear understanding of what exactly is being measured on the Canadian Community Health Survey, what it means, and how to interpret the food insecurity statistics available on Statistics Canada’s website (CANSIM). Anyone interested in using food insecurity statistics or learning about how food insecurity is monitored in Canada is encouraged to watch.
  • In this webinar, we delved into the question of what drives vulnerability to household food insecurity in Canada.
  • In this webinar, we examined evidence of the impact of food insecurity on individuals’ mental and physical health and the financial burden food insecurity poses for our healthcare system.
  • The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Maelstrom Research invite the research community to learn about Maelstrom Research’s open-source tools, the CHPT initiative, and how to make use of these resources to support current and future research in cancer and chronic diseases.
  • The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) hosted a webinar to describe a series of new datasets that have been released on the CPTP Portal.

Are kids too tired to move? Results from the 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth

  • Presented results from the 2016 Report Card including grades for each indicator and what they mean for Canadian children

Primary Health Care in Canada: Highlights from CIHI's 2016 Primary Health Care Chartbook and Future Directions

  • Presented key indicators from the Canadian Institute for Health Information's (CIHI) Primary Health Care (PHC) Indicators Chartbook, including a snap shot of key chronic disease risk factors among Canadian youth and adults including smoking, overweight and obesity, and physical activity levels.

Food Environment Assessment: Linking Evidence to Policy Action

  • A 3-part webinar series that introduced a number of tools, including 1) a Food Environment Assessment Manual produced by Health Canada in collaboration with the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Group on Nutrition, and 2) a CIHR-funded research project, FRESH-IT: Food Retail Environments Shaping Health Intervention Toolkit.

Working on Wellness Men's Health Webinar Series

  • A series of webinars focusing on a range of topics in men's health and men's workplace health

CDPAC/PHAC 2015-2016 Webinar Series

  • A series of 10 webinars focusing on a range of topics in chronic disease prevention such as breast cancer, family violence and positive mental health.

CDPAC/PHAC Winter 2015 Webinar Series

  • A series of webinars focusing on a range of topics in chronic disease prevention.

Webinar - Promoting Physical Activity in Childhood and Early Learning Settings: Addressing Policy and Practices

  • A webinar providing an introduction and overview of integrating physical activity guidelines and practices in childcare and early learning settings.

CACO2 Webinar Series - Changing the Food Environment in Community Recreation Settings

  • A series of two webinars focusing on the topic of changing the food and beverage environment in community recreation settings.

CDPAC/PHAC Webinar Series - Evaluating Outcomes of Community Food Actions

  • A series of two webinars focusing on the topic of evaluation of initiatives addressing food insecurity.

CDPAC/PHAC Fall 2012-Winter 2013 Webinar Series

  • A series of three webinars focusing on the topic of mental health promotion and mental illness prevention.

CDPAC/PHAC Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Webinar Series

  • A series of three webinars focusing on the topics of obesity prevention, mental health promotion, and food security profiled Canadian best practices and provided opportunities for pan-Canadian discussions

CDPAC/PHAC Childhood Obesity Prevention Series

  • A series of three webinars focusing on childhood obesity prevention profiled Canadian best practices and provided opportunities for pan-Canadian discussions

CDPAC/CPAC WebCrawler Webinar Series

  • Thematically organized webinar series engaged researchers, practitioners and policy specialists with an interest in how making use of this policy resource can enhance their work in one of the following three key topic areas: Environmental & Occupational Exposures, Built Environment, and Obesity Prevention